How to Apply

We are accepting applications for the 2016 sessions.


Application Requirements

To be considered to particpate/attend this project, organizations will need to submit an Expression of Interest (EoI). Applicant organizations will be assessed on their readiness and commitment to advancing diversity and inclusion. Expressions of Interest will include an online application, assessment and supporting documentation.

The online application is a 3 part process to be completed as follows:

  1. Organizational Profile to be completed by the Executive Director or designated senior staff member.
  2. Diversity & Inclusion Assessment to be completed by the Executive Director or designated senior staff member.
  3. Participant Information to be completed by each individual who will be participating in the Inclusion Institute, 3 maximum.

Additional Supporting Documents required to complete the application process:

  • Letter from the Board indicating commitment and mandate to advancing inclusion within the organization (specific change targets if already identified.
  • Letter of engagement confirming the availability of an at least 2 representatives (Executive Director or Senior Staff AND Board president or director) to participate in the scheduled inclusion institute within their region.

2016 Submission Deadline

2016 Deadline extended to April 15, 2016

2016 Selection

A selection panel will review all applications and ONESTEP will advise applicants of the results by May 2, 2016.

Selection criteria

  • Demonstrated commitment to establishing and adopting inclusionary organizational change (Part 3 Participant Information responses)
  • Leadership support/mandate for the process of advancing diversity and inclusion within the organization (Board commitment letter, E.D. vision, number and status of participants)
  • Clear understanding of the work involved in undertaking inclusive organizational change (Part 3 Participant Information responses)
  • Identified change targets in at least one of the following: Governance, Leadership Development, Human Resources and Volunteer Management (Self-assessment, Participant Statements)
  • Mix of Groups at varied level of Diversity/Inclusion (Baseline scores* from the completed organizational self-assessment )
  • Institute Group Diversity (rural/city, equity group priority, nonprofit sector)


*Self-assessment scores will be weighted equally with all other factors that indicate a strong commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion.


If you are interested contact us!