“The Embracing Inclusion Institute provided me with a greater level of awareness and understanding concerning the issues that impact inclusivity and diversity in the workplace. The presentations, team exercises and materials we received were very well-prepared and certainly enhanced the learning process. I feel confident, after participating in the Embracing Inclusion Institute that we are now better prepared to start the inclusive organizational change process.”

Carolyn Sunderland, CHRP, CHRL
Human Resources Manager, Job Skills

“I attended the Embracing Inclusion two-day Institute in Sudbury as a YMCA Sudbury Board Member. The training was a wonderful reminder of how to make our community even more welcoming and inclusive. Angela Connors as facilitator provided us with thought-provoking discussion springboards, and helped us unpack assumptions and questions safely, issues of inclusion and equity in our respective organizations. I particularly appreciated the vulnerability, humility and humour of Angela and the institute has provided me with some robust ideas to reframe and reflect on our policies and projects.”

Jan Buley, Ph.D.
School of Education, Laurentian University

“This training provided me with the framework necessary to effectively guide my organization on our diversity journey. Specifically we now have a myriad of analysis, planning and implementation tools to ensure our policies and processes to ensure inclusion from the board, staff to volunteers and clients are in place.”

Surranna Sandy
Executive Director, Skills for Change